BEST VOCABS OF SSC SET-3 1. One who sneers at the beliefs and aims of his fellow man / a person who beliefs in selfishness motives and human actions:- Cynic ( निंदक) 2. A secret or disguised way of writing:- cypher(शून्य का अंक ) 3. A situation when no progress is possible:- deadlock. ( गतिरोध) … Read more

Best Vocabs of SSC : Set 1

English is an important subject in SSC Exams. It covers major portion of CGL, CHSL and MTS Exam. We are covering a series of top vocabs that everyone should cover before appearing in SSC Exams.   Climbing mountain – Alpinism ( पर्वत पर चढ़ाई ) Fear of riding in car – Amaxophobia ( वाहनों का … Read more