Best Vocabs of SSC : Set 2

English is an important subject in SSC Exams. It covers major portion of CGL, CHSL and MTS Exam.

We are covering a series of top vocabs that everyone should cover before appearing in SSC Exams.

  1. A dynamic campaign for social, political religious change: Crusade
  2. Breakdown or fall apart into small fragments in the process of deterioration :- Crumble
  3. Prohibited by law or treaty from being transported or exported:- Contraband
  4. Extremely skilled and deft:- Consummate
  5. Forgive and pardon some wrongdoing or an offence : – Condone
  6. An apartment or building in which each apartment is owned separately by people living in it, but also containing shared areas:- Condominium
  7. Mutual discourse:- Colloquy
  8. A collection of slaves:- Coffle
  9. A strong box or small chest for holding valuables:- Coffer
  10. An instruction that is added later to the will, usually to change a part of It:- Codicil
  11. A child who is believed to have been secretly left in exchange for another: Changeling
  12. A person falsely claiming to have a special knowledge or skill:- Charlatan
  13. Rude in a mean-spirited and surly (unfriendly and rude) way:- Churlish
  14. Extreme self confidence and audacity: Chutzpah
  15. Vexation for humiliation of disappointment:- Chagrin ( )
  16. Art of designing or writing on wax: Cerography
  17. A large deep metal pot used for cooking over open fire:- Cauldron
  18. A large deep pot used both in the oven and as a serving vessel :- Casserole ( )
  19. A woman with dark brown hair: – Brunette
  20. Carry out a task incompetently and clumsily:- Bungle

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