Best Vocabs of SSC : Set 1

English is an important subject in SSC Exams. It covers major portion of CGL, CHSL and MTS Exam.

We are covering a series of top vocabs that everyone should cover before appearing in SSC Exams.


  1. Climbing mountain – Alpinism ( पर्वत पर चढ़ाई )
  2. Fear of riding in car – Amaxophobia ( वाहनों का डर )
  3. Like a weak old woman – Anile ( अशक्त )
  4. Obsessive desire to lose weight by refusing to eat – Anorexia ( भोजन के लिए अरुचि )
  5. Loss of speech due to medical problem – Aphasia ( वाचाघात )
  6. The state of having rejected your religious beliefs or your political party or a cause – Apostasy
  7. Be appropriate for or applicable to something – Appertain
  8. To say that something was written by or belonged to somebody; to say what caused something – Ascribe
  9. Nations that do not trust each other or look upon each other – Askance
  10. Senseless talk or writing – Balderdash
  11. Revel in – To enjoy the most
  12. Revel in and make the most of something pleasing – Bask
  13. The sound made by a crocodile – Bellow
  14. The cry of a goat – Bleat
  15. A person of South African Dutch descent • Boer
  16. Subject someone to a continuous flow of questions, criticism or information – Bombard
  17. Using high- sounding words but with little meaning – Bombastic
  18. Dwarf varieties of trees and shrubs grown in pots – Bonsai
  19. A shaddy place under trees – Bower
  20. Gold and silver before using for manufacturing ornaments – Bullion

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