Cutoff Prediction

Following information is based on the survey done by Rank iQ. This is not official cutoff. Rank iQ doesnot claim to be 100 % accurate in cutoff prediction.

Junior Engineering Mechanical and Electrical

For previous year the Rank iQ had predicted the cutoffs with the ratio of 1:7 but SSC had shortlisted in the ratio of around 1:6.5 to 1:6.7. On checking internally, it was found that 45% of the shortlisting candidates had participated in the Rank iQ survey.

Allowing some more percentage, Rank iQ decided to predict cutoffs with the ratio of 1:5 instead of 1:3, so that some students might get the more marks after correction.

One of the possibility of less cutoffs is more number of vacancys this year compared to previous year.

Category Normalised Score Vacancy Total Shortlisted

Junior Engineering Civil

Category Marks / Normalised Score Vacancy Total Shortlisted

Normalisation Score calculator for SSC JE 2020

Notes and Disclaimer:

  • The purpose of this file is to help curious students, who like to check normalisation score in other shifts.
  • The formula is fed at 15:50, 09/04/2021 based on survey of approx 10012 Civil students and 6274 Mech+Electrical Students.
  • Your normalisation may be slightly different while checking on the website because of daily updation.
  • Your Shift Number can be seen at the bottom of this html File.

Raw Marks:



Your Normalisation Score Based on SSC normalisation formula is:

Branch Date Timing Shift No.
Civil 23/03/2021 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM 1
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM 2
Mechanical 22/03/2021 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM 1
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM 2
Electrical 24/03/2021 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM 3
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM 4

Cutoff Prediction with the ratio 1:3

This is predictable cutoffs with the ratio of 1:3. If you are lying in this range, You can be 99% sure to be shortlisted. For Category Students, relate the cutoffs with respect to UR category for best results.

Junior Engineering Mechanical and Electrical

Category Marks / Normalised Score Vacancy Total Shortlisted

Junior Engineering Civil

Category Marks / Normalised Score Vacancy Total Shortlisted

How Effective are the Rank iQ Cutoffs

Parameters Considered While Predicting the last years cutoffs

  • The cutoffs were predicted based on the ratio of 1:7, while it turned out that only 45 % of shortlisting candidated had checked with our rank predictor.
  • The cutoffs considered marks before correction while calculating the cutoffs. But, SSC cutoffs are based on marks after correction, where some students see increase in marks and some students see decrease in marks. And all the students get additional marks for bonus questions.

How to read the following table?

  • Most of the students directly compare the column 3 and column 4 of the table, which is not the correct method of comparison.
  • Whereas Column 2 and column 3 should be compared for the best results. 
  • Column 2 says that the student with given normalised marks was shortlisted in final cutoff by SSC. 
  • Ideally speaking, Column 2 and Column 4 should have the same values but The variation is because of marks after correction and normalisation on the all students. And also 100 % of the shortlisting candidates didnot participated in the survey.
  • Comparing column 2 and Column 3, we didn't reach the real cutoff for SSC JE 2019 because we had shortlisted in the ratio of 1:7, whereas only 45% of shortlisted candidates had participated.

The following data is based on SSC JE 2019, Mechanical and Electrical Branch

Category Minimum Qualified Normalised Score Before Correction Cutoff Predicted by Rank iQ Original Cutoff by SSC
(includes score after correction and original normalisation)
UR 143.07 148.71 157.5
OBC 146.87 139.92 153
EWS 145.28 136.57 151
SC 133.53 128.34 140.6
ST 128.56 117.26 135.9