KVS: How can you clear the exam in the first attempt?

There has been an official announcement regarding the recruitment of PGTs, TGTs, and PRTs for KVS 2022 on the official website. There are plenty of teaching positions available in KVS this year. In order to excel in the upcoming KVS examination, what strategy should aspirants follow? You can join KVS coaching for effective preparation.

First, you should identify your weak points and strong points, and then you should create a strategy based on this, but strategies won't help you if you don't follow them. Those planning to appear in the KVS exam 2022 should take note of the following preparation tips and complete the KVS Syllabus on time.

KVS 2022 Exam Pattern

During the 180-minute exam, there will be 180 questions to be attempted. In addition to the subject concerned (PRT, TGT, PGT), the major subject that contributes 80 marks is the subject of the candidate's application.

KVS General English

All PGT, PRT, and TGT exams contain 10 questions in the English section. There is one mark for each correct answer. The test tests your basic knowledge of English. In order to score well in the "English" section, you should:

  • • Daily read English newspapers.

  • • Grammar rules should be practiced.

  • • Make notes in a handy place

  • • Make sure you read the syllabus thoroughly.

  • • Ensure that all topics listed in the syllabus are reviewed.

KVS General Hindi

Preparation is essential for every subject. There are 10 questions in the Hindi section of all PGT, PRT, and TGT exams. There is one mark for each correct answer. It is recommended that you do the following to score well in the "Hindi" section;

  • • Use proper grammar.

  • • Take useful notes

  • • Carefully read the syllabus.

  • • Reread each subject listed on the curriculum.

KVS General Knowledge and Current Affairs

There is no doubt that this section will change the game. It is recommended that students read newspapers regularly in order to perform well in this section. TGT, PGT, and PRT exams will each have 10 questions. It is not possible for students to prepare for this section in just one or two days. Practice and updating are required on a daily basis. In order to score well on the "General Knowledge and Current Affairs" section, you should:

  • • Take assessments.

  • • Make useful notes while you read the newspaper each day.

  • • Read literature on general knowledge.

  • • Read science and social studies textbooks from NCERT.

KVS Reasoning

There is no difficulty in the reasoning section. In PRT, TGT, and PGT exams, this section contains 5 questions. There is one mark for each question. In order to score well in the "Reasoning" section, you should:

  • • Exercise the aforementioned subjects.

  • • Take practice exams.

  • • There are also books on reasoning that can be purchased.

Computer Literacy KVS

In today's society, computer literacy is extremely important. This section assesses your proficiency using computers. This section's difficulty level is simple to manage. In total, there are 5 PGT, PRT, and TGT questions in it. Each answer is worth one mark. You are suggested to 

  • • Read computer literature or books on the same day. 

  • • To perform well on the "Computer Literacy" section, practice papers.

  • • Practice Microsoft Office perfectly for greater preparation.

KVS Perspectives on Education and Leadership

The Teaching Aptitude section contains 60 questions in the PRT exam and 40 questions in the TGT and PGT exams. Each question carries 1 mark. To score well in pedagogy you should read every topic mentioned in the syllabus thoroughly. To score good marks in the “Teaching Aptitude” section you are advised to

  • • Revise each and every topic mentioned in the syllabus.

  • • Practice MCQ’s based on each concept.

  • • A thorough study of the concepts.

  • • Choose good competitive books.

  • • Practice mock tests.

  • • Practice daily.