The Result

 Disclaimer :

Following data is based on the students who had participated in the survey hence its validity is limited. It is not official. Its purpose is to help students to know where they stand in the que. The following table cannot be used for any claim in any way. 

Also many of the students had chosen the wrong category.

Category No. of Students Shortlisted No. of Students participated in RankiQ Survey Percentage of candidates participated in survey.

Minimum Qualified Score Before Correction 

(Normalised Score)

(Based on the students participated)

UR ----- 444 ----- 59.28997
OBC ----- 454 ----- 53.81809
EWS ----- 246 ----- 58.68198
SC ----- 188 ----- 48.95420
ST ----- 80 ----- 48.9542

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The cutoffs and shiftwise comparisons for IB ACIO are listed here.

While writing this article 5934 students have participated in the survey. The following calculations and predictions are based on the data received through this survey. Rank iQ does claim 100 % accuracy in calculations of the data received but doesnot claim that the following calculations will match the actual calculations of IB ACIO considering all the students.

IB ACIO 2021 exam was conducted in total of 9 shifts. mainly 18th, 19th and 20th February. 

The Averages:

Date Shift No.of Students
18th Feb 2021 Morning 699 45.409871244635
18th Feb 2021 Afternoon 656 45.891387195122
18th Feb 2021 Evening 877 50.257981755986
19th Feb 2021 Morning 652 43.364263803681
19th Feb 2021 Afternoon 854 51.696721311475
19th Feb 2021 Evening 727 47.631705639615
20th Feb 2021 Morning 499 44.209418837675
20th Feb 2021 Afternoon 523 47.802103250478
20th Feb 2021 Evening 447 40.773489932886

As it can be seen Evening shift of 20th Feb was the most difficult shift out of all. If normalisation happens (IB ACIO has not said anything about it) most benefit will go to this shift. 18th Evening and 19th afternoon shift has the highest averages meaning they were the easy shifts. There are rare chances that normalisation will affect their scores.

What will be the cutoffs?

Category IB ACIO cutoffs (Based on Normalised Score by RankiQ)

10% 15%
UR 64.75 60.61
EWS 60.70 55.282
OBC 57.35 51.13
SC 42.36 22.80
ST 42.18 26.412

As the number of participants in the survey were too less we use percentages to predict the cutoffs. The percentages 10% and 15 % indicates the assumption that 10 % of the people who will actually get shortlisted have participated in the survey of Rank iQ Predictor. As the category was taken by the inputs from the students, there might be cases where students opted for different category than the actual one. 

So its best to relate with cutoffs of UR with the respective category. 

IB ACIO cutoffs for 2017 Were:

Category IB ACIO cutoffs (out of 100)
UR 65
OBC 60
SC 50
ST 50